Sisel Business Services

Tools to Help You Grow Your Sisel Business

We have partnered with the following vendors to provide additional sales, marketing, and business tools that can dynamically change the way you present, pitch, and communicate with your leads and prospects. Visit the links below to learn more about each one of these products. If you have any questions about setting up, using, and/or purchasing these tools, just give us a call.

Sisel App by VERB

The Sisel app is a FREE app included in your Sisel membership. Simply download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store and log in with your Sisel username and password (the same credentials you use for your Back Office) and get started with pre-loaded (and custom) shareable content. Verb’s app also includes attribution, so if you share a product page with a customer through the app and they end up purchasing, you get full credit for that purchase!


WorkingLive is a Zoom integration software that is tailor-made for network marketing presentations. For a small membership fee, it integrates with your existing Zoom account, so there is no need to create a new login. WorkingLive takes Zoom to a new level with interactive presentation tools that allow you to track your prospects’ purchases, follow up, and so much more.


pinkOX is an exciting new video marketing platform that makes videos interactive and provides attribution at the same time. pinkOX offers a free 30-day trial in which you have access to pre-loaded “pink’d” videos made by Sisel’s Marketing team. These videos include interactive buttons and links – simply share these videos to your social media accounts and then prospects can click directly on the in-video buttons to purchase product on your replicated site.