Fucoydon (Fucoidan Supplement) – Podcast Ep. 1

sisel fucoidan seaweed supplement

What is Fucoidan and how does it contribute to overall health?

Fucoidan is a nutritious complex polysaccharide that is found in brown Limu Moui seaweed and has many amazing health benefits.

Fucoydon is Sisel’s own formulation that contains the fucoidan molecule extracted from limu moui seaweed along with several other health ingredients in one supplement. In this podcast episode, we discuss Fucoydon and all the science, history, and health benefits that are packed into this powerful drink.

Fucoydon Supports:

  • Liver function
  • Healthy immune system activity
  • Stable neurological systems
  • Circulatory function
  • Energy production and cell metabolism
  • Digestive health

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