Sisel Ript (Post Workout & Muscle Recovery Supplement) – Podcast Ep. 5


What are the best ingredients for muscle recovery and post workout?

This episode of The Deets Podcast covers siselRIPT – a natural post-workout supplement that rebuilds muscles using a science-backed ratio of Essential Amino Acids. The ratio of Essential Amino Acids (or EAAs) is the determining factor behind a post-workout supplement’s efficiency for rebuilding muscles through MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis).

siselRIPT helps you grow, repair, and maintain muscle mass, and is not just for workout buffs or athletes. siselRIPT supports general muscle health throughout the body, and can help alleviate muscle soreness and fight muscle degradation.

siselRIPT Supports:

  • Greater anabolic response
  • Greater net gain of muscle protein
  • Muscle quality and strength

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