VIDEO: How to Start Keto [Keto Beginner’s Guide 2021]


What is Keto and how do you start it?

This video is the ultimate beginner’s guide to all things keto: how the ketogenic diet works, how to start ketosis, and how to stay in it. We include a food list of what to eat and what to avoid on keto, as well as tips and resources for achieving your weight loss and health/fitness goals.

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So, what is ketosis? Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the level of ketones in your body are raised as a consequence of a diet that is low in carbohydrates. What does this mean in everyday language? It essentially means that your body’s fuel is made up of carbs, proteins, and fats, and FAT IS WHERE IT’S AT when it comes to maintaining ketosis. By limiting carb and protein consumption and primarily consuming high-fat foods, your body’s metabolism will focus on fat as its main fuel source. These fats are converted into ketones in the liver and can then burn fat and support weight loss, provide additional natural stamina and energy, improve mental clarity, give you greater appetite control, and enhance athletic performance.

These are the best foods to eat on keto:

  • Meat
  • Butter, cream, and cheese
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthy oils
  • Select fruits
  • Low-carb veggies
  • Sugar alcohols

Foods you’ll want to avoid on keto:

  • Sugary foods
  • Grains or starches
  • Fruits
  • Beans or legumes
  • Low-fat or sugar-free diet products
  • Root vegetables and tubers
  • Some condiments/sauces
  • Unhealthy fats
  • Alcohol

Our favorite supplement to help you start keto and stay in it:

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