How Are Vitamins & Supplements Made? – Podcast Ep. 18

sisel's manufacturing plant in utah, where vitamins and supplements are made

How are vitamins made and what makes Sisel’s supplement manufacturing process superior?

Did you know that Sisel owns its manufacturing plant and controls the entire manufacturing process of how vitamins and supplements are made, from A to Z, for all its products? This means we can ensure compliance with our rigorous safety standards, which require that all products undergo quality testing and all ingredients are of the highest grade and efficacy. Learn in Episode 18 how our manufacturing team maintains above-average efficiency and productivity to bring only the best supplements to your front door!

Sisel’s facility is FDA- and GMP-certified and the company has poured countless dollars’ worth of research, study, and testing into its design and function. The manufacturing process of all Sisel vitamins and supplements experiences intense scrutiny, quality assurance, and quality and process control to ensure that the plant and its team strictly adhere to all safety standards and ingredient requirements.

Into Quarantine!

Sisel outputs only the highest quality of ingredients by quarantining all imported goods for a fixed amount of time and then testing them before approving them for use in our products. If the quarantined ingredients are found to be unsatisfactory or fail safety tests, they are sent back to the supplier.

sisel's manufacturing plant in utah that shows where supplements and vitamins are made

Many other companies, including city water treatment plants, have even studied Sisel’s water treatment facility and manufacturing plant to observe how we’re able to do what we do so well.

So, how are vitamins and supplements made?

Well, Sisel uses a variety of machines and instruments to research, test, and produce vitamins and supplements, but the short answer is that Sisel products are made according to scientific innovation, research, and discovery. (To see this in action, check out our virtual tour of Sisel’s facility, including the machines that produce our supplements). SISEL is an acronym, and the “S” stands for science. Inside Sisel’s manufacturing plant, a team of scientists with PhD’s design and formulate supplements to be more bioavailable and efficacious (more effective and better absorbed by the body) than traditional supplements on the market.

Sisel’s manufacturing plant:

  • Has been studied by other companies for its efficiency
  • Employs rigorous testing standards to ensure safety and efficacy for all products
  • Is done in a 300,000+ square foot facility

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