pinkOX is an exciting new video marketing platform that makes videos interactive and provides attribution at the same time. pinkOX offers a free 30-day trial in which you have access to pre-loaded “pink’d” videos made by Sisel’s Marketing team. These videos include interactive buttons and links – simply share these videos to your social media accounts and then prospects can click directly on the in-video buttons to purchase product on your replicated site.

You’ve probably noticed that video content is everything these days – 82% of consumers would rather watch live video than read social media posts, and almost 70% say they’d prefer to watch a video to learn about new products or services rather than read articles, books, presentations, etc.

So, we are partnering with PinkOx, a video marketing platform, which enables you to share pre-made Sisel opportunity and product videos via text, email, and social media at the click of a button. The best part is, these videos will be pre-loaded with interactive links, like “Buy Now” and “Enroll Now” buttons. When your viewers click on these links in videos you share, you will get full credit for that sale or enrollment!

These shareable videos will be accessible from the PinkOx dashboard. We have negotiated a 30-day free trial of PinkOx for all our Sisel distributors and then a discounted price of $9.99 a month moving forward. If you sign up for the free trial, you will receive a $75 credit to redeem on PinkOx’s marketplace and be entered into a raffle. You will also be invited to a Zoom training call to learn how to best use this shareable video content.

This is a limited time offer, so simply click on this link to sign up and learn how you can use this shareable, interactive video technology to help you build your business.