Terminator & SupraShine (Safe, Non-Toxic Toothpaste) – Podcast Ep. 19


Are chemicals like fluoride harmful in toothpaste, and what about safe toothpaste alternatives?

Harsh chemicals fare often used in toothpaste because they are very effective at fighting cavities, removing plaque, and supporting oral health. However, many of these powerful chemicals can be toxic if ingested, especially for young children. In this episode of The Deets, Thomas Mower discusses safe toothpaste and mouth wash alternatives – Terminator Mouth Rinse and SupraShine Toothpaste, and how these products conform to our Sisel Safe philosophy of only using non-toxic ingredients in all our products.

Potentially Harmful Ingredients in Toothpaste

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a known toxic chemical and skin irritant that has been associated with allergies. It has been banned in the EU, but is commonly used in toothpaste products to create an increased foaming effect. SLS has been known to strip natural oils in the skin and can irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs.

toothbrushes without toothpaste on them

Triclosan is often found in toothpaste products (and pesticides) because it is effective against plaque and gingivitis. However, it has also been linked to several health problems, including irritation and allergic reactions (particularly in children), hormone disruption (lower testosterone levels and sperm production in animal studies), and more. Triclosan has been banned by the FDA for use in household soap products.

Fluoride is a polarizing subject with strong arguments for and against its benefits. This article details some of those arguments. Supporters of fluoride in toothpaste propose that it has powerful teeth-protecting properties but should just not be ingested in large amounts. Detractors of fluoride claim that it is associated with toxicity to various organs including skin and lungs, and possibly even the brain.

Terminator & SupraShine Toothpaste:

  • Are 100% alcohol-free
  • Contain no harmful ingredients like fluoride, SLS, SLES, and sulfates
  • Use Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrated Silica, and other safe ingredients to effectively remove plaque and stains

Listen to our podcast episode on Sisel’s “Sisel Safe” standard and what that means for ingredient standards, safety, and testing. Sisel Safe is a guarantee that we utilize only safe, non-toxic ingredients in all Sisel products.

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